Innovation is our tradition

We are a company with over 25 years of experience on the market, offering devices based on the latest microprocessor techniques. In accordance with the needs of our clients, we introduce innovative solutions to the market that guarantee effective and safe work in various industries.

Company policy

In our activities, we follow the guidelines set out in the company’s mission and quality policy. The devices produced by ELTEL KATOWICE and the systems offered are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Mining Law and applicable national and European Union regulations. Devices and systems are intended mainly for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Since 2002, ELTEL KATOWICE has had the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The certificate covers organizational units involved in the design, production, commissioning and service of signaling, communication and industrial automation devices and systems.

Company offer

The profile of our activity can be divided into 4 groups:

Manufacture of devices

Currently, we manufacture and offer for sale about 100 automation, control, hands-free communication and signaling devices constructed by employees of our own construction department, and production is the basis of the company’s activity.

Systems and applications

On the basis of the developed devices, the company offers, among others, complete control systems, signaling and hands-free communication, visualization of technological processes, fiber optic transmission, identification of personnel and machines, wireless communication.

Technical documentation and projects

Design services for the development of technical documentation for control, signaling and hands-free communication systems consisting of devices of our own production. Conducting the attestation procedure for the developed technical documentation in independent research and development centers in terms of assessing the correctness of the adopted solutions in relation to the applicable regulations and standards.


The company offers a comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service of manufactured devices and systems. The website provides services in the field of supervision over the installation and commissioning of the offered systems.

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If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Our address

ul. Milowicka 1E
40-312 Katowice

NIP: 634-019-68-09
Sąd Rejonowy Katowice KRS 0000644266
Numer rejestrowy GIOŚ E0007190W

Our bank

RUB 38 1140 1078 0000 4734 3300 1009
EUR 46 1020 2401 0000 0802 0378 6027
PLN 55 1020 2368 0000 2102 0371 7725
PLN 60 1140 1078 0000 4734 3300 1001


24/7 service number

tel 1: (+48) 698 145 920
tel 2: (+48) 728 489 147
tel 3: (+48) 505 058 981
tel 4: (+48) 795 426 458
e-mail: serwis@eltel.katowice.pl

Sales department

Inquiries and quick contact
(+48) 32 202 78 86 wewn.108
(+48) 506 146 296


Roman Grzywocz
Commercial director
(+48) 501 148 489

Mariusz Kowalski
Sales Engineer
(+48) 519 101 884

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